SCRHA has partnered with Successful Solutions, LLC to help you provide the best and most affordable employee benefit plans for you and your employees. Our firm has been endorsed by SCRHA and entrusted by SCRHA members for over 15 years to provide them with the best service while saving our clients thousands of dollars.

At Successful Solutions we custom design every benefit plan to meet each client’s individual needs. Our goal is to offer the least expensive options with the best/richest benefits available depending on your group location, size, and demographics.

Successful Solutions brings their insurance expertise and strategic partners to SCRHA members allowing each employer to set their own budget and determine what benefits to offer. Freedom of choice, multiple plan options, our commitment to customer service, ongoing plan administration and dedicated support services are some of the benefits available to Successful Solutions clients at no charge.

Our goal is to work with you to develop a proficient, cost-effective and results-oriented program that will meet both your current and future needs. employer

Here’s how partnering with Successful Solutions and SCRHA benefits your business!

Wouldn’t it be nice to decrease plan expenses while maintaining or improving benefits?

Successful Solutions can often provide a better benefits plan solution while saving your company thousands in premiums each year. In addition, the exclusive SCRHA Trust plans offer SCRHA Members the advantage of pulling together with other employers to offer benefits as a pooled membership giving us better buying power and increased leverage at renewal.

Are you dissatisfied with the plan benefits offered in your existing plan?

The exclusive SCRHA Trust offers health plan benefits that are simply not available in the open market including low to zero out of pocket co-pays, zero deductible options and low out of pocket maximums!

Is your HR Department overburdened with plan administration?

Successful Solutions offers a dedicated staff to each of the SCRHA Member employers. The Successful Solutions staff eases the employer burden by acting like your own HR department. Some of the services we provide at no extra cost include but are not limited to:

  • Processing all Enrollments and Terminations
  • Providing Enrollment kits with all necessary forms
  • Annual market survey to ensure you and your employees have the best plan for your company
  • Annual enrollment meetings and enrollment support
  • Helping employees with doctor and Rx searches
  • Claims Adjudication
  • Offering responsive unlimited support from our knowledgeable team

When is the last time you updated your Cafeteria section 125 or POP plan?

What is a Section 125 Plan?

First, let’s clarify what we mean by a Section 125 plan. Put simply, a Section 125 plan, which is also known as Section 125 cafeteria plan, is a benefits plan that lets your employees use tax-free dollars to pay for their own health insurance premiums. Its “cafeteria plan” nickname comes from the fact that employees can select from a menu of choices for their benefits, such as medical, vision, dental and others, or they can choose to receive cash for the same amount.

How a POP Plan Benefits Employers

It’s cost-effective—This is probably the main advantage of a Section 125 POP plan as it can meet your legal responsibility when presenting your employees with a pre-tax choice for group insurance, HSA (Health Savings Account) and other benefits that are sponsored by an employer. On the other hand, it doesn’t give the same benefits and services like those found on a standard Flex System or FSA (Flexible Spending Account).

A POP plan reduces payroll taxes. These include taxes for Social Security and Medicare. For every dollar that an employee contributes to the POP plan, you, as an employer, can save 7.65 percent in FICA taxes. It also saves you money in administration expenses. Consider how the money that you save from the tax usually makes up for the total cost for administering the plan. It feels like you’re getting a “raise” without having to add more cost.

Maintaining current plan documents is an integral part of being ERISA compliant.

If an employer has a Section 125 Plan Document, or POP Plan Document, they should be reviewed annually to ensure there have been no changes that would require the document to be updated. Contact us today to find out how to enroll in your complimentary section 125 POP plan.

Are you paying too much for COBRA Administration or worried about liability?

Successful Solutions can completely eliminate COBRA Administration costs and liability for the SCRHA member employers.

Find out how partnering with Successful Solutions and SCRHA can benefit your business!


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